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An Invitation for You

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You've built something amazing -
let's get you the capital, locations, and talent to really grow it.

and you're invited!

"Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for including me in Automatic. You did an amazing job pulling off a great event. Honored to be a part of it, met a ton of interesting people and look forward to hopefully seeing this happen again in the future!"

Michael Lennox, Electric Hospitality

AUTOMATIC is an invitation-only gathering for innovative retail and hospitality brands to help you connect with the capital, locations, and talent so that you can change the world.

"I have to be honest in saying that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I enjoyed every single session, had some valuable take-aways, and got to meet some amazing people. It takes a lot to create something that’s equal parts thoughtful, practical and inspiring."

Wes Jones, Honeysuckle Gelato

See what it's all about

"Congratulations on a job SO well done"

"I made incredible new connections and I think I made some great new friends"

"I was so impressed with the level at which this was thought through and executed"

"Great crowd, great content, great venue"

"Thank you again - both for creating this and for including me"

"The attendees were of the highest quality and the content outstanding"

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​AUTOMATIC begins at 10am, goes through dinner on day 1, and ends at 4pm on day 2.

It's a low-key "choose your own adventure" agenda where you'll sit in on whatever small group meeting or big presentation suits your fancy.

Soak up insider knowledge from industry icons and build new relationships.

We provide superb food & drink from local chefs, live music and entertainment, and world-class coffee.

These will be the most productive 2 days of your year. Take advantage of the opportunity to embrace serendipity and the one chance meeting that will catapult your business.

The entire experience is designed to create spontaneous introductions. Just by attending you can't help but meet fascinating people: entrepreneurs, designers, thinkers, and investors.

"A sincere THANK YOU for putting such thoughtfulness and effort into the Automatic event...I found it all extremely inspiring and informative. I love my hometown and think we have a unique perspective to bring forward into the world when cross-pollinated with trendsetters who are on the tip-of-the-spear around the US."

Nate Kaeding, Gold Cap Hospitality